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Sample (material), a specimen or small quantity of something


logistics is the management of the flow of goods

OK, things are moving on little by little. ¬†I have requested another sample to be made at a fraction of the cost of sample #1 in order to compare. One is cast in metal the other in resin so that figures but another resin quote was pretty huge PLUS minimum order was 2,000. Give me a few months, I’m sure I’ll get there ūüėČ

I have also been learning the lingo: MOQ, T/T, OEM etc. ¬†& looking at storage facilities. ¬†Turns out there’s something suitable only a mile away – fantastic. ¬†I am terrified that I’ll have pallet trucks in my front garden & the street wondering what on earth is going on!

I have also bitten the bullet & opened an account with a well known logistics company so things are really starting to feel real.  Address labels & date stamps are resting  in online baskets waiting for payday! Not long now.

Meg \m/

so many ideas …

so little time!

Actually, that’s a lie. ¬†I have lots of time. ¬†That’s the problem.

I have taken the plunge & placed an order with Mr Gandhi for a sample which is being made RIGHT NOW! I should receive it in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime my brain is quite literally buzzing with so many ideas.  Lists have been made & everything.

Business cards, address labels, paper bags & logos, storage & eBay stores … you get the picture.

Without the actual product I am forced to take things slowly which is undoubtedly for the best. Time to think things through & consider the wacky ideas my wonderful friends have come up with. These include coat hooks, mug trees & potato peelers.

Time also to gather information on 2011 tattoo conventions around the country. ¬†Kinda tricky to explain my product when there’s nothing to show but with my trusted sidekick we will blow them all away!

Meg \m/

“Open, Simsim”

Had a fantastic evening in the pub with G & TheHandOnMyKnocker (Mr S Hewitt Esq) discussing music, beer &, you’ve guessed it; door knockers!

G has a successful business & gave me lots of advice & the encouragement to continue with my idea which is feeling less ridiculous by the day.

Galvanised, I spend the following day online finding small business sites & timidly look around & run away scared.  I return the next day to sign up & send email queries to those who take on new designs.  I get responses!  It just might work!

Meg \m/

metal for metal

Hmmm, after having the initial excitement (aka PANIC) that I might finally have an idea that

i) might just work
ii) someone other than me would buy

I have to knuckle down to the basics & not get carried away with what the future may hold.

*The future btw is AWESOME & involves lots of photos of me & my knockers with Ozzy, Rob Zombie & Wednesday 13*

Do I make them by my own fair hand?  Do I find a nice metal worker? Do I find a nice company in China?  So many questions.

Much time is spent searching local art classes & designers, queries on lost waxing & relieving the headache.  After some quotes of £500 for one-off pieces I realise this is the wrong path to take!

Meg \m/

we salute you

Welcome to my shiny new blog!

This may not make sense initially (or at all) but this is my way of sharing a journey into the world of rock n roll, door knockers & a new business venture.

The idea came about 3 years ago whilst on holiday in Barcelona noticing these wonderful door knockers in the shape of a lady’s hand. ¬†“I’d LOVE one for our front door in a heavy metal pose!” I declared & proceeded to find nothing.

A recent plea for ideas on iron mongers & casting fell on deaf ears however many friends wanted one for themselves.   My thoughts turned to making them myself & creating a business empire!

Meg \m/