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Blog It

So, now I have my Shopify Shop up and running (did I mention that?!) I thought I’d make the WP blog a bit more about moi.  There’s only so much you can say about door knockers after all.  Apart from how awesome mine are.

My life so far in 2011 has involved applying for MANY jobs as my contract expires next week and waiting for my stock.

Stock has now arrived and I am looking forward to all the gigs I have lined up this year.  Saul Williams is the only January event closely followed by the Sleigh Bells and … ROB ZOMBIE.  I will most likely have a sleepless night beforehand I am THAT excited.

Meg \m/


And Finally …

Hallelujah, my knockers arrived safe and sound.  Well, kind of.  Poor Mr Delivery Man had no trolley so had to carry eight boxes down the road.

ANYWAY!  I’ve got the first batch of orders out today, sorry once again for the delay.  Snow and customs, what can you do?

I know what you can do, BUY A ROCKIN’ DOOR KNOCKER!

Meg \m/