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drum roll …


a momentous day

My sample from Mr Gandhi has arrived from Delhi.  I have just finished jumping round the kitchen crying “ohmygodohmygodohmygod!”

Photos to follow.

Meg \m/

I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.

A few words by Gandhi there!  His near namesake has completed my sample & it is being sent to me for inspection.


Meg \m/

Promise carved in stone, deeper than the sea…

Ringfinger.  Devil’s flesh and bone do something for me.

WOW! Got up today to find EIGHT glorious photographs in my inbox from Mr Gandhi!

The first were images of the door attachments & how they will achieve the knocker action.
This was quickly followed by some details of  a skull ring that I want the hand to be wearing.

In my first diva moment I added this ring request only 3 days ago.  I had this in mind in order to make my product slightly different from any others that may appear.  Somehow I omitted this request in my initial excitement & ‘didn’t want to put them out’.  Sod that I thought –  this has to be something I 100% want & have no lingering doubts.  Better to annoy them a bit now rather than get a whole new sample later on!

Meg \m/

Sample (material), a specimen or small quantity of something

logistics is the management of the flow of goods

OK, things are moving on little by little.  I have requested another sample to be made at a fraction of the cost of sample #1 in order to compare. One is cast in metal the other in resin so that figures but another resin quote was pretty huge PLUS minimum order was 2,000. Give me a few months, I’m sure I’ll get there 😉

I have also been learning the lingo: MOQ, T/T, OEM etc.  & looking at storage facilities.  Turns out there’s something suitable only a mile away – fantastic.  I am terrified that I’ll have pallet trucks in my front garden & the street wondering what on earth is going on!

I have also bitten the bullet & opened an account with a well known logistics company so things are really starting to feel real.  Address labels & date stamps are resting  in online baskets waiting for payday! Not long now.

Meg \m/

so many ideas …

so little time!

Actually, that’s a lie.  I have lots of time.  That’s the problem.

I have taken the plunge & placed an order with Mr Gandhi for a sample which is being made RIGHT NOW! I should receive it in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime my brain is quite literally buzzing with so many ideas.  Lists have been made & everything.

Business cards, address labels, paper bags & logos, storage & eBay stores … you get the picture.

Without the actual product I am forced to take things slowly which is undoubtedly for the best. Time to think things through & consider the wacky ideas my wonderful friends have come up with. These include coat hooks, mug trees & potato peelers.

Time also to gather information on 2011 tattoo conventions around the country.  Kinda tricky to explain my product when there’s nothing to show but with my trusted sidekick we will blow them all away!

Meg \m/