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London Tattoo Convention

Thank you to everyone who came to the LTC this weekend and found me.  I had a great time, making friends with the Statanists and generally talking about my knockers!

For all those who bought something, let me know how you get on and send a photo of the knocker from hell in situ – studio, bedroom or bathroom doors as well as the traditional front door.

People’s main fear was that the locals would half inch the bronze knocker but as I mentioned to some of you, I live in Tottenham and if it can survive the last few weeks, it can survive anything.

Custom came from far away lands such as France, Spain & America – I’m shipping one out to New Zealand so the rock knockers have gone global.  Get one whilst you can.




Shopify shop

The news you’ve all been waiting for!  The shop is now OPEN.

Please visit my shopify shop to purchase a lovely door knocker!

Apologies for the delay in getting this shop up and running but I hear the weather’s been RUBBISH (first I’ve heard!) so anything you buy will reach you in the New Year.

I shall keep customers informed.

Meg \m/